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Why book your Taxi to Heathrow transfer here?

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Visit London from Heathrow

Where is Heathrow Airport?

Heathrow Airport is located in West London. Before traveling make sure which terminal you are flying from as pickup and drop offs at Heathrow are located in different places for their terminals. This is to ensure you get to the right terminal and you aren't carrying heavy luggage around while trying to make your flight.  To find out more check out our Heathrow Airport ultimate guide.

You can find Heathrow below:

  • Location: Heathrow Is Located 15 Miles West Of London City Centre In Hounslow.

  • Address: Longford TW6, UK

  • Phone Number +44 844 335 1801

  • Website Visit Website

  • Flight Tracker: Track Live Arrivals Here And Live Departures Here

As the tourist capital of the United Kingdom, London has many great tourist attractions to check out. Some are obvious and can be seen as you drive into the city from Heathrow Airport. Others are more hidden away and less likely to be found unless you look for them. To help you find the best London tourist attractions, this guide will break down the best places to come and visit in the capital.

From historical sights showcasing how London came to be the city it is today to modern amenities, London boasts many great places to visit. The challenge, of course, is deciding where in this amazing city you want to see first!

To help you make the right choice, we recommend visiting all of the above London tourist attractions. Some of these are bucket list sights to see, while others are the perfect example of why London is one of the most tourist-friendly cities in the world.

Let’s look at where you can go once you enjoy an airport transfer from Heathrow Airport to London!

Visit Buckingham Palace

What better way to enjoy your time in London than visiting one of its most important structures?

Buckingham Palace is, of course, one of the main residences of the British Royal Family. This palace has been a key venue for the Royals since the 1800s and is the definition of luxury. While you aren’t going to see King Charlie walking around the halls of Buckingham Palace when you visit, you are allowed to look around the place and explore.

It is a stunning architectural work and is one of the most popular places to visit in London, with good reason. It is worth visiting whether you love the Royals, history, architecture, or want to see a vital part of British tourism.


See The Tower Of London

Another essential part of London tourism is the Tower of London, which sits on the banks of the River Thames and stands out from miles away. The fortress might be close to a millennium old, but it is still standing as strong and beautiful as ever. It is one of the city's key landmarks and makes a great place to visit.

One thing to note about the Tower of London is that it provides insight into what London would have been like close to one thousand years ago. This can be a great way to help you understand what life in the UK would have been like before London became what it is today.


See Westminster Abbey

Of course, another critical part of the London architectural scene is that of Westminster Abbey. The Abbey is one of the most important structures in London and British history. With over a thousand years of history in this place, it is even more important to London’s heritage than the Tower of London!

From an architectural perspective, Westminster Abbey is breathtaking. It looks beautiful and has been used in various high-profile events, including the coronation of Royals, Royal family weddings, and more. It is a great place to visit if you want to see a true piece of opulent architecture that speaks to British history more than arguably any other building in the country.


Cross Tower Bridge

If you want to enjoy something different, travel across Tower Bridge. This stunning old Gothic bridge is one of those magnificent old-school London structures that brings the new together with the old. Not only was Tower Bridge unique in its design, but it is an engineering feat that would be hard to match today, never mind when it was first erected all those years ago!

Built-in 1886, Tower Bridge is a symbolic place to cross over. When you cross here, you are travelling well north of 120 years of history. At the same time, you are crossing over one of the most important bridges anywhere in the United Kingdom – a truly stunning place to visit.


Visit Piccadilly Circus

Probably as close as you will get to Times Square of New York in the UK, Piccadilly Circus brings all of those bright lights and billboards to London. Walking through here can be like a sensory overload, treating you to many stunning sights and sounds as you walk around the place.

This is one of the major features of the West End of London, and it is a great place to visit if you want to see the bustling heart of London. Piccadilly Circus has appeared in more than a few major productions over the years, too, so film and TV buffs might wish to visit here to spot scenes from their most beloved media content.


Attend The Houses of Parliament

Continuing on the architectural and historical journey for a moment, the Houses of Parliament are one of the key parts of British history. The Houses of Parliament are critical to running the United Kingdom and are vital to ensuring that anyone spending their time in London understands how the country is run. The Houses of Parliament in the UK are as important as places like the Supreme Court in the United States. It is an architectural and historical marvel and a must-see for all tourists.

Best of all? You can even spot Big Ben from here! This lets you see two of the most important structures in all of London from the one place.


Head To No. 10 Downing Street

As the official home of the sitting Prime Minister and his family, No. 10 Downing Street is the place where you will see two things: political celebrities and the massed press corps. You might even know the PM themselves leaving their home as they head off to the Houses of Parliament or another exchange. Heavily guarded but a crucial part of the British political system, and one of the best places to visit for lovers of politics.


Visit Trafalgar Square

Of course, anyone with an eye on British history will see a trip to Trafalgar Square as worth their time. This is the heart and soul of West London and is one of the key parts of the local area. While modernised, Trafalgar Square remains a classic part of London history. Visiting here will surely give you a way to enjoy some entertainment, too, as the Square is home to many performers.

Even just settling down for a bite to eat while you people-watch can be a great way to enjoy your time at this stunning monument to the past and present. It is also a nod to ancient British wartime history, as the square is named after the famous Battle of Trafalgar, when the British overcame the French in the Napoleonic Wars. Ideal for fans of culture and history alike!


Attend Wimbledon

If you happen to come to the capital of the UK during the summertime, why not book some tickets for Wimbledon?

Wimbledon is one of the most famous sports arenas in the country and is home to the famous Centre Court of Wimbledon for tennis. Travelling here to see Wimbledon can be a fun way to enjoy the sporting camaraderie at the heart of London’s history and success.


Visit Wembley Stadium

You might also wish to take a trip to the famous Wembley Stadium. Time this right in May, and you could land a ticket to the FA Cup Final – the oldest domestic cup competition in the football calendar. It is one of the most important trophies in the game, and the Final is always a spectacle showpiece that is impossible not to enjoy, regardless of what team you happen to support or cheer for.


See The Changing Of The Guard

You might also wish to come along and check out the famous Changing of the Guard. This happens at Buckingham Palace and will see the guards shift from one group to another. These guards stand on duty for hours at a time and then are swapped out for another part of the Household Regiment. It is a key part of British military culture and the perfect example of the pomp that makes the UK so unique.

Head Down To Borough Market

Finally, if you want to mix it with the locals and enjoy some great foods from all over the world, head down to Borough Market; this is a place littered with stalls selling fresh produce, street foods, and more. It is great for those looking to try out different foods. The market has over a thousand years of history, and you regularly see celebrity clientele buying from the food market here.


Where Will You Visit In London First


As you can see, London boasts many simple, incredible places to visit. If you want to ensure that your time in London is as tourist-friendly and satisfying as possible, we highly recommend that you check out all of the above. After transferring from Heathrow Airport to London, why not add these tourist attractions to your list of things to do? It should make London even more exciting to visit and memorable for you whether you come here for business or pleasure!


How Many Terminals Does Heathrow International Have? --- An Overview of Heathrow Terminals

Whether you're landing or departing from Heathrow International, you'll need to know how this airport's terminals work. 

Right out of the "gate," visitors must know that "Terminal 1" is no longer in use. Confusingly, Heathrow International has four terminals numbered two through five. The former Terminal 1 closed in 2015 and has since been swallowed up by nearby Terminal 2.

While each terminal specializes in a different group of airlines, it's imperative to double-check the terminal associated with your flight. Since Heathrow is so busy, planes that "should" go to one terminal may end up on the other side of the airport. Heathrow International strongly recommends downloading its official mobile app to stay up-to-date on any flight changes. 

Heathrow Terminal 2

As mentioned above, Heathrow's Terminal 2 is literally the new "Terminal 1." Heathrow International continues to expand Terminal 2's size into what used to be Terminal 1's turf. 

Located in the center of the airport, Terminal 2 officially opened in 2014, which makes it the newest terminal. While Terminal 2 handles many international and domestic flights, it's best known for hosting airlines in the Star Alliance. It's also likely people traveling within the UK or to nearby destinations like Ireland will find their flights here. 

FYI: If you hear employees refer to the "Queen's Terminal," they're talking about "Terminal 2."

Heathrow Terminal 3

Opened in 1961, Terminal 3 is close to Terminal 2 in the center of Heathrow Airport. Since Terminal 3 is the major hub for Virgin Atlantic, anyone boarding Branson's beloved brand will depart here. 

However, Virgin Atlantic isn't the only company that flies into Terminal 3. In fact, Heathrow says at least 20 international airlines now operate in Terminal 3. Most of Terminal 3's airlines are in the Oneworld alliance, excluding British Airways. A few SkyTeam airlines also use Heathrow's Terminal 3.

Heathrow Terminal 4

When looking at a map of Heathrow's terminals, you'll notice Terminal 4 is south of Terminals 2 and 3. First opened in the 1980s, Terminal 4 was recently closed for refurbishment during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this terminal reopened to international airlines in 2022.

Aside from Virgin Atlantic, Terminal 3 and Terminal 4 welcome many similar international airlines. However, Terminal 4 tends to focus on the SkyTeam airline alliance. 

Just keep in mind that many of SkyTeam's airlines had to re-route to Terminal 3 between 2020 - 2021. So, just because SkyTeam is associated with Terminal 4 doesn't mean these flights will always land and depart from here. 

Heathrow Terminal 5

Opened in 2008, Heathrow's Terminal 5 is arguably the easiest to explain. Why? Well, Terminal 5 is the central hub for British Airways. Although other airlines may use this terminal, British Airways passengers will almost always go to this western terminal. 

Booking a heathrow airport transfers taxi or car